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PEN International and IFEX-TMG launches English version of the Tunisian Anthology Fleeting Words during Tunis Bookfair

Wednesday 7 November 2012 - 12:00am

7 November 2012 – PEN International and the IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group (IFEX-TMG, will present the English version of the Tunisian Anthology: Fleeting Words. The launch will take place during the Tunis Bookfair.

The book, Fleeting Words: An Anthology of Revolution, honours the writers, activists and photographers who contributed to the struggle for free expression in Tunisia and continue that struggle since last year’s revolution. Fleeting Words: An Anthology of Revolution brings together journalistic articles, commentaries, prose and verse written both during the Ben Ali regime and since its fall, and is illustrated with images of the revolution.

Edited by Naziha Rjiba (‘Om Ziad’), President of PEN Tunisia and published in cooperation with PEN Tunisia and Atlas Publications, the anthology is part of the ongoing IFEX-TMG project, supported by the European Union and Oxfam Novib. It has already been published in French and Arabic and the English version is funded in part by PEN International.

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The launch will be attended by representatives of PEN International, IFEX- TMG and project funders, Oxfam- Novib and the EU.