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Transparent Door (AZGHIN) – discussing literature in Afghanistan

Friday 25 April 2014 - 12:00pm

Reading or listening to literary works, especially poetry is a main part of Afghan people’s lives. Poetry is used from the gravestones to the walls of modern restaurants, even scientific publications have a special page dedicated to literature.

Afghan PEN2

Afghan PEN has recently organised, within the framework of the Beacon Centre programme, a new literary TV show, entitled AZGHIN (Transparent Door). The aim of the show was to introduce new writers to the Afghan public and raise awareness of literary works as a way of freedom of expression. Twelve shows were produced by Afghan PEN with technical support from the Afghan TV station, Arezo TV. The TV shows included showing video clips of young and contemporary writers on their new works, discussions each week on modern literature of Afghanistan, political satire and interviews with Afghan writers on literary technics and on international literature.

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For more information please contact International Programmes Officer Emese Kovács: or Afghan PEN.