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Somali-Speaking Centre

Somali-Speaking Centre

Somali-Speaking Writers PEN Centre,
PO Box 43446,
London SE11 4YW,

Who to contact

Aden Hassan Aden

T: +253 357974

Ismail Abdi Ahmed



Somali Speaking PEN plays an important role as a literary organisation in the Republic of Dijbouti and Somalia, and has branches internationally. The main aim of the Centre is to promote reading and writing in Somali and it has been successful in influencing government policy with regards to the teaching of Somali in schools.

The Centre organises a programme of regular literary events and in 2006 launched the pilot phase of a project on Creative Writing and Reading in Mother Tongue by organising a Mother Language Week in Djibouti, a series of events which included a poetry competition and the Djibouti book fair. The Centre plans to repeat this event in 2008.