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Russia Federation: Unauthorised use of PEN International’s name

miércoles 13 abril 2022 - 4:42pm

PEN International has issued a formal rebuttal of statements made by the so-called Russian PEN Centre, Russian Branch of the International PEN Club (Русский ПЕН-центр Российское отделение Международного ПЕН-клуба), headed by Yevgeni Anatolyevich Popov (Евгений Анатольевич Попов).

This organisation is not in any way affiliated with PEN International and is misusing PEN International’s name. All statements and messages distributed by this organisation must not be attributed to PEN International.

For the last 100 years, PEN International has placed the celebration of literature and the defence of free speech at the center of humanity’s struggle against repression. PEN members abide by the PEN Charter and pledge themselves to do their utmost to dispel all hatreds and to champion the ideal of one humanity living in peace and equality in one world.

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