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Samar Yazbek, Enoh Meyomesse, Nargess Mohammadi, Deo Namujimbo and Busra Ersanli receive the Oxfam Novib/PEN Free Expression Award

mercredi 16 janvier 2013 - 0:00pm

January 16 2013 – On Thursday Januray 17 the Oxfam Novib/PEN Award will be awarded to 5 writers in recognition of their continued work in the face of persecution. This year the recipients are the Syrian writer and journalist Samar Yazbek, the Cameroonian writer and co-founder of the Cameroon Writers Association Enoh Meyomesse, the Iranian activist, journalist and deputy director of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre (DHRC) Nargess Mohammadi, the Congolese journalist Deo Namujimbo, the Turkish academic and writer Busra Ersanli.

Both Enoh Meyomesse and Nargess Mohammadi are currently imprisoned.

The award ceremony will be attended by Samar Yazbek who has been forced to flee her home in Syria with her young daughter

She has been a leading voice in her support and defence of human rights and women’s rights in Syria. Facing continued threats for her support of the uprising against the Assad regime, Yazbek was forced to flee Syria with her young daughter.

The presentation of the Oxfam Novib / PEN Award will take place as part of the Writers Unlimited Winter Nights Festival on Thursday 17 January in The Hague followed by a debate, in collaboration with PEN Netherlands on censorship.

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