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“PEN´s solidarity throughout the Cumhuriyet trial and the legal and advocacy advice we have received from Sarah [Sarah Clarke, Policy and Advocacy Manager at PEN International], has meant the difference from our work being heard just within Turkey and within the world. The PEN members who have come to the trials and gone back to their home countries and written about what they have seen in their home countries – in Norway, in Belgium, in Germany. And PEN has been there every step of the legal proceedings, making us feel less abandoned.” Tora Pekin, Lawyer for Cumhuriyet

Ahmet Şık and Murat Sabuncu, journalists from the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, were released in March

Columnist for Cumhuriyet and International Press Institute Turkey representative, Kadri Gürsel, was released

Prominent Uzbek journalist Muhammad Bekjanov was released