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The Americas


“I am writing to you with great joy to share some good news about my case. About a month ago, a block was placed om my case, which is to say that I no longer have cases pending against me and I cannot be imprisoned again… I am immensely grateful for [your] work on my case, and for all that PEN did in my favor. In truth, your solidarity has saved me from suffering more months in prison. The work that you carry out immeasurably helps writers across the world whose liberty is under threat. Your work is admirable.” – Angye Gaona

Day of the dead, campaign in Latin America (30th October-2nd November)

Homero Aridjis, mexican writer, former president of PEN International writes to Cesario Padilla, PEN Honduras Member. Day of imprisoned writer. (15th Nov)

Mexico made a historic step in favor of freedom of expression

In October 2017, charges were dropped against Colombian poet and student activist, Angye Gaona. She had been on trial since 2011, in a case seen to be deeply flawed and politically motivated.