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2021 Annual Writers for Peace Committee Meeting

Slika Bled 1

Dear Participants,

Please find all the information about the meeting below and any related materials are attached.

The Worldwide PEN International Annual Writers for Peace Committee Meeting will be held both in person and online on the 9th-11th of June 2021.

We hope that this blend of virtual and in-person attendance will permit a higher turnout than ever.

The three sessions will focus on the progress of the Committee, our General Assembly and talks on the PEN Annual Congress.

As always, we will also be discussing and exchanging our views during two round tables which will not be available online.

Click here to download the registration form in English.

Click here to download the registration form in French.

General Information:

Writers for Peace Annual Meeting

9th-11th June

Slovene PEN’s ‘The Future of Freedom’ round table will take a look at freedom in the historical context of the PEN Centennial and from the critical perspective of the world order in the wake of the pandemic. Meanwhile, we would like to reflect upon the future of freedom on more than one level, considering first of all the fundamental conditions for freedom: equity and fraternity. What is the position of language and literature in defending the freedom of tomorrow?

The International Writers for Peace Committee’s round table entitled ‘Writer in action: protest or dialogue’ will discuss the two possible ways of engagement of artists in deeply divided societies. Writers (and artists generally) have always been sensitive to plights of both individuals and society. Is the culture of dialogue the only way to surpass the apathy of today? The topic opens new challenges in the future with the awareness of the hundred-year long endeavours of PEN International.

Meeting Agenda:

Wednesday 9th June

Day I

Thursday 10th June

Day II

Friday 11th June


Practical Information:

The sessions will be held online as a closed, invitation-only meeting. Further details and technical information will be communicated to confirmed participants closer to the meeting.

The sessions will be recorded by the Slovenian PEN for reporting purposes. The public portion (public events and literary reading) can be streamed on YouTube and Facebook and recordings can be used for promotional purposes.

The consultation is organised under the Chatham House Rule, and participants are not allowed to record.

The sessions will be held in English, French and Slovene.

We will resend the invitation link to the registered participants 24 hours before the event.

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