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PEN International community mourns the death of one of its Vice Presidents, Nancy Chang Ing

Monday 8 January 2018 - 12:00am

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PEN International joins Taipei Chinese PEN Centre in mourning the death of Nancy Chang Ing, who died at the age of 98 on 22 December 2017.

In its statement, Taipei Chinese PEN Centre stated: “On the 22 December 2017, Nancy passed away in her sleep. She has been a dear friend to the Taipei Chinese PEN and has dedicated herself to enhancing the visibility of Taiwanese literature in the world. Nancy will be missed by all of us and warmly remembered at the Taipei Chinese PEN.

Nancy Chang Ing was a dedicated member of the Taipei Chinese PEN Centre, committed to promoting Taiwanese literature across the globe. For 20 years, she diligently translated contemporary Taiwanese literature into English. Nancy served as Chief Editor of the Centre’s literary magazine and, in 1985, was elected President of the Centre.

In recognition of her dedication to PEN’s values and mission, she was elected Vice President of PEN International at PEN’s 55th Congress, held in Madeira, Portugal, in May 1990. In response, Nancy stated, “I am deeply touched by this unexpected honour which has been conferred on me. For over twenty years I have faithfully attended the International P.E.N. Conferences, and feel very much at home with all of you […]Being part of International P.E.N. has been a very stimulating experience. With the long tradition of Chinese culture we keenly perceive the impact of literature on human relationships. I cherish the many wonderful friendships and opportunities that have strengthened through the years, the privilege of being able to bridge our differences, even when we may not be in total agreement.”

PEN International extends its deepest condolences to Nancy’s family, friends and colleagues.