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PEN International condemns attack on journalists covering peaceful demonstrations on controversial US decision about Jerusalem

Wednesday 20 December 2017 - 12:00am

Pen International Israel News

Update - 20 December 2017

PEN International condemns the targeting of journalists on 15 December 2017 while reporting on protests against the decision of President of the United States, Donald Trump, to recognize unified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and take steps to move the US Embassy there.

According to a report, 15 journalists were severely injured while covering demonstrations; some were detained and others were subjected to death threats through social media.

We strongly condemn abuse and violence targeted at journalists whilst exercising their internationally recognized rights to freedom of expression and peaceful protest. We note with regret that the decision of President of the United States is having an impact on tensions in the region and will further stall any meaningful progress towards peace. We support the international condemnation of this decision from around the world. In this context of increasing threats to peace, the freedom of the press must be rigorously observed and protected.” said Carles Torner, Executive Director of PEN International.

President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has sparked mass protests among Palestinians and their supporters who consider it unfair and harmful to the peace process in the region.

In its previous statement, PEN International has condemned the killing of journalists and attacks on the media by Israeli forces during its offensive in Gaza in 2014.

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