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Statement on suspension of PEN Mexico by PEN's assembly of delegates

Friday 11 October 2019 - 4:37pm

At the 85th PEN International Congress held in Manila, Philippines, between September 29 and October 4, 2019, PEN’s Assembly of Delegates, made up of representatives of individual Centres, voted to suspend PEN Mexico due to irregularities in the recent elections of the Centre. PEN International was alerted to these irregularities after it received complaints from members of PEN Mexico. The names of these members are protected under PEN International’s whistle-blowing policy.

PEN International investigated the reports of irregularities, which took four months. Following PEN’s procedures, PEN International presented its findings to the Assembly of Delegates, which make up the autonomous PEN membership, who also received a statement from PEN Mexico, and voted to suspend the Centre. PEN International’s President, Executive Director, or staff do not have the authority to make decisions of this nature about any Centre. These are decisions that can only be made by delegates at the Assembly of Delegates. PEN Centres are autonomous as long as they abide by the principles of the PEN Charter and the PEN Constitution, which outlines the process and rules of Centre suspension.

PEN International has a long and continued commitment to the writers and journalists of Mexico, who on a daily basis make the remarkably courageous decision to continue their search for truth and challenge those in power, in the face of extraordinary opposition and threats. This commitment remains unchanged.