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PEN Emergency Fund

Photo by Eugenio Mazzone

Since its founding in 1971 PEN Emergency Fund has been of crucial importance for assisting writers who have been persecuted and are in acute financial need. Many of them have had to flee their country or needed medication after imprisonment. Sometimes their families are in distress.

The Fund works closely with the team at PEN International and operates with minimal overhead; the communication lines are short. The money can quickly be transferred to the writers who need it, sometimes on the day of application, and the financial support by the Fund has saved lives!

Board and Advisory board

Board: René Appel - Job Degenaar (President) – Wim Jurg (Treasurer) – Paulien Loerts

Advisory Board: Eric Lax (USA) – Joanne Leedom-Ackerman (USA) – Larry Siems (USA) – Eugene Schoulgin (Sweden/Turkey) – Tienchi Martin-Liao (China/Germany) – David Van Reybrouck (Belgium) – Rudolf Geel (Netherlands)