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Read the Quebec Declaration

The Quebec Declaration on Literary Translation and Translators was adopted at 81st PEN International Congress in October 2015, held in Quebec City. 

PEN’s aim is to ensure that the Declaration can be read in the highest possible number of languages and we hope that other institutions and organisations will adopt its principles and help us to defend and disseminate them. The Quebec Declaration forms part of PEN International’s broad strategy to promote literary creativity and collaboration between cultures.

Read The Quebec Declaration on Literary Translation and Translators:

Quebec Manifesto: Bangla

Quebec Manifesto: Blin

Quebec Manifesto: Creole

Quebec Manifesto: English

Quebec Manifesto: French

Quebec Manifesto: German

Quebec Manifesto: Spanish

Quebec Declaration: Italian

Quebec Declaration: Burmese

Quebec Manifesto: Dangme

Quebec Declaration: Slovenian

Quebec Declaration: Finnish

Quebec Declaration: Hindi

Quebec Declaration: Japanese

Quebec Declaration: Twi

Quebec Declaration: Tigrigya

Quebec Declaration: Welsh

Quebec Declaration: Gujarati

Quebec Declaration: Swedish